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Culin-Air Incentive Travel specialises in international culinary heritage tours for Dutch food professionals and advanced food travellers. We create stunning new memories by taking you to the finest culinary heritage in exclusive gourmet hotspots.

From meet & greets with influential local chefs to fascinating street food and the finest BBQ hotspots. And from local fresh food markets to visits with global fine food brands and local speciality producers. All in the context of the local cultures that give rise to the world’s most delicious traditions.

Discovering the flavours of a culture

All over the world, the culinary heritage of a region is inextricably linked to its cultural heritage. That’s why, wherever possible and desirable, we always select premium discoveries that go beyond simply serving regional dishes and tasting traditional wines. We create the link between the finest local flavours and the regional art and cultural traditions.

We invite you to connect with the locals. To cook, eat and drink with them. To share what feeds us all and dive deep into the colourful flavours and aromas to caress all our senses. To truly understand this gastronomic legacy. To tell the stories of local generations. And take them home as new memories that last a lifetime.

Focus on the five continents

With 2026 in mind, we are focusing on developing our food heritage programme on all five continents, starting with Europe and the Middle East, followed by Asia, South America and Africa. In the USA we are focusing on specialist BBQ tours in conjunction with BBQ52.

New tours currently being developed:

  • Israel: Inspirational Vegan (for food professionals and food travellers),
  • Italy, Food Valley: Food & Opera (exclusive group foodie tours)
  • Spain, Barcelona: Catalan Heritage (exclusive private tour)
  • Spain, Andalusia: Iberico Heritage (for food professionals and food travellers)
  • Iceland: Nordic Cuisine (for food travellers)
  • Turkey: Silk Road Culinary Heritage (for food professionals and food travellers)
  • Mexico – Switzerland – Singapore: Triple Chocolate Treasures (advanced tour for extreme foodies)

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“Nothing unexpected or extraordinary is likely to happen if you have
an itinerary in Paris filled with the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.”
Anthony Boudain

Inspirational tours for food professionals

Culin-Air Incentive Travel advises, organises and co-ordinates Gastronomic Inspirational Tours with an average duration of 3-4 days within Europe and 5-6 days intercontinental. Travelling in groups of 10-15 participants, the result is twofold: an unparalleled insight into a regional culinary heritage and an effective networking event in itself.

These tours are specifically designed for chefs, brand developers, (fine) food marketers and food retailers, as well as category managers, to be introduced to a regional culinary heritage through a combination of factory visits, F&B tastings and meet and greets with influential food professionals from that region.

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Distinctive incentives on culinary heritage

Culin-Air Incentive Travel uses its international network of food and gastronomy experts to offer tailor-made incentive trips with a strong focus on culinary heritage.

Our incentive trips have great value as a distinctive employee reward or can be used for quality relationship management. We design each incentive according to your personal requirements. Once the incentive has been designed, we can provide and co-ordinate the motivational communication before the trip, the supervision of the trip itself and, of course, the stimulating memories afterwards.

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Advanced food travellers & extreme foodies

Culin-Air Incentive Travel advises, designs and guides exclusive private gourmet tours for 2-6 travellers. Every detail of our tours is personally selected and tested. Our Supreme Gourmet Tours are always tailor-made, based on the traveller’s preferences.

Although we strive for the highest quality in every detail, exclusivity does not automatically mean luxury. After all, authentic encounters with the locals don’t always go hand in hand with star-studded luxury. But don’t worry, that’s included, as long as it fits in with the focus on discovering culinary heritage. We believe it’s this contrast that will create the best memories to last a lifetime!

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Our experience

Culin-Air Incentive Travel has more than 25 years of experience in event organisation, marketing and group projects in the field of art and culture, as well as in-depth knowledge of the international food sector.

We select inspiring destinations where local food and leading culinary hotspots can be experienced at their best. Always rich in contrasting experiences and therefore always tailor-made. With good taste and an eye for detail.

Local expertise

In our quest to discover the unexpected, we visit every location and venue ourselves to select only those experiences that meet our high standards of authenticity and exclusivity. To find these hidden gems, we have built an extensive network of regional and local experts who truly understand our mission.

We carefully select your personal local guides to ensure that you always have a professional host at your side. Their main job is to make sure that you experience and enjoy every aspect of your trip.

Working with the best outbound specialists

Culin-Air Incentive Travel works with specialists in the travel industry to ensure a top quality product at all levels. This motivation is reflected in our vision that a perfect collaboration is more than the sum of its partners.

The partners we select must meet our uncompromising standards of hospitality, expertise and desire to excel in order to create a joint enterprise in exclusive collaboration.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the turmoil in Ukraine, Culin-Air Incentive Travel is focusing on new and unique intercontinental tours from 2023 onwards. In the meantime we design with pleasure truly unique and exclusive tailor-made destinations within Europe.

Amazing Grace

Thai chef Supinya Jansuta, 72, better known as “Jay Fai”, wearing goggles, cooks with two flaming woks in her Bangkok, Thailand restaurant, is one of 14 Bangkok restaurants to receive a Michelin star in 2018. Jay Fai is the only restaurant listed in the Bangkok guide under the ‘street food’ classification to receive a Michelin star.

“This is an old classic hole-in-the-wall place, famous for its famous crab omelette. When you cut the thing open, it’s literally bursting with the freshest crab in the city. Stunning, a meal at Jay Fai creates memories that last a lifetime. An unpolished gem in the Thai culinary heritage”.

Exclusivity vs. luxury
Of course, it’s wonderful to enjoy the luxury of a Michelin-starred restaurant. But we believe that on a tour of contrasts, a balance of true experiences of local culinary heritage goes beyond impeccable food and impeccable restaurant service. Top restaurants are commonplace for our clientele, but combined with the experience of true local culinary gems. These are the stories you’ll tell again and again.

We create memories that last a life-time.